Visual Effects by Apeship Studios 

Visual Effects Producer / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Visual Effects Producer / Sasha Houdek- Korellis 

Visual Effects Supervisor / Catherine Tate 

Compositor / Sergio Aroch 

Compositor / Yi-Chieh Chao

Compositor / Junliang Chen / 

Compositor / Kan Chen

Compositor / Nuo Chen

VFX Production Manager / Ziwei Chen

Rigging / Eunjin Cho

Compositor / David L. Hornstein 

Compositor / Woosu Im

Compositor / Napathr Jarukasetporn 

Compositor / Penpicha Jingjungvisuti

Animator / Todd Karberg 

Compositor / Ella Yeawon Kim

Compositor / Kyunmin Kim

CG Modeler / Sam Lazarus 

Compositor / Amanda Leong

Compositor / Jimmy Chunche Lin

Co-Producer / Javier Francisco Pretelt 

Compositing Lead / Compositor / Ying Lin 

Compositor / Chia-Hung Liu

Compositor / Zhe Liu

Visual Effects Supervisor / Matthew Lyon 

Compositor / Ron Marelli

CG Modeler / Madeline Ormbrek

Compositor / Chunwei Pan

Compositor / Yue Pan

Visual Effects Supervisor / Jason Patnode

Compositor / Peng Peng

Compositor / Chaithawat Pinsuwan

Rigging / Mark Queen

Compositor / Miguel Reyes

Compositor / Cassandra Robinson

Compositor / Joseph Santos

Compositor / Zhanghua Tang

Compositor / Ruinan Wang

Compositor / Zack Wingard

Compositor / Nana Wu

Compositor / Zakaman Wu

Compositor / Shanglei Xia

Compositor / Haodong Zhang

Compositor / Wei Zhou



Animation Production / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Puppet Builder / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Animation / Matthew Lyon

Character Design / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Color / Matthew Lyon 

Clean-up Illustration / Roopesh Yegnashankaran 

Puppet Performance / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Puppet CGI / Mathew Lyon 

Animation / Mathew Lyon 

We worked under the leadership of award-winning director Zach  Kerschberg. He appointed Apeship with guiding the visual direction of the movie, the entire film is packed with MAGIC; from VFX, animation, costumes, puppet building to props, and even some acting. Almost every shot in the movie went through our studio.  

We took on so many roles and got so involved, that our creative producer was awarded a Co-producer role in the film. 

We also had the pleasure of working directly with students at the Academy of Art University, visiting StudioX weekly to uphold the visual language, building a long-lasting relationship with the school program.


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Animation and
Visual Effect Studio