We were born in Banantis, an advanced interdimensional ape civilization long gone.

Decades ago, we received an animated message from Earth that drove us apes wild with excitement.

Our crew built a ship with the mission of finding the source of the signal… Beware humans, for we have located Earth. We have infiltrated your art schools, animation studios, and internet content.

Javier francisco Pretelt

Founder - Creative Producer

The knowledge of entrepreneurship and finances that Javier brings to Apeship’s leadership, derives from a long career in business management and logistics. Javier successfully led 8 of the busiest Chipotle restaurants in the country, while he attended  Academy of Art University for Animation in San Francisco. Giving him a unique perspective on how to build a leadership team, while managing a creative business. 

Javier founded Apeship Studios in 2015 producing and directing several award winning short films and music videos.

Ever since, Apeship has focused on empowering passionate artists to produce extraordinary content regardless of budget.

Wilma Miranda

Co-Founder - Animation Director

Wilma Miranda has been a leading voice in the Puerto Rican animation industry for almost ten years. She achieved her MFA in animation at the Academy of Art University and has always focused her efforts on educational TV, books and social media content. Her skills and work ethics landed her a role animating for the Amazon Prime Video hit show “THE BOYS”. 

Currently Wilma leads the Apeship animation pipeline, managing the process from concept to final composite for studios like Atención Atención and Room to Read.

Rebecca Camping

Co-Founder - Production Management

Rebecca has over 10 Years of experience in business management and customer service. She also likes to help others achieve their fitness goals as she is a National Academy of Sport and Medicine certified personal trainer.

She removes obstacles for the team and helps the communication flow so our artists can stay creative.

Samuel Lim

Art Director

Born in Singapore, a love for architecture and color led Samuel to the US to pursue his dreams of working in the animation industry. A geek for the latest trends and tech in film, he loves to experiment with different styles and mediums in his craft. As the Art Director at Apeship Studios, Sam leads the visual language and guides the team through the concept stage of a project.

Matt Horstman

Lead Animator

Matt is a Digital Wizard specializing in hand drawn animation. He attended the Academy of Art University following his passion for video games and action films.

Matt is known as  Apeship’s secret weapon, our QUICK draw animator.

Wanna join our team?

Animators - VFX

Looking for animators and illustrators. Please submit your resume and work to

Our crew is making music videos, short films and social media campaigns, racking up 100s of thousands of views and receiving several awards, right here on Earth.

The Apeship is now buried in the heart of San Francisco, but our network extends galaxy-wide. We are here to conquer humanity using the most powerful weapon in the universe……..


Cartoons !!!


Animation and
Visual Effect Studio