Art Director / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Animation Director / Wilma Miranda 

Animation Supervisor / Wilma Miranda 

Animation lead / Melvin Uytingco

Compositing and FX / Giezelle Bernal

Color Stylist / Samuel Lim

Background and layout design / Samuel Lim

Coloring / Wilma Miranda

Production Manager / Rebecca Camping

Creative Producer / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Animation Performance / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Voice Actor Saint 14 / Jeffrey Swasey / GOiNPO5TAL

We are not robots… We are apes! We like video games too, and for September 14, 2022, we decided to post a homage to one of our favorite Destiny 2 characters, Saint 14.

All credits to Sony, Bungie and the original character creator; voice actor Robert Brook


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