Director / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Animation / Matthew Lyon

Animation Director / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Animation Supervisor / Javier Francisco Pretel

Editing and FX / Ken Koller 

Background and Layout Design / Steven Wayne Ellison 

Coloring / Steven Wayne Ellison 

Production Manager / Javier Francisco Pretelt 

Executive Producer / Aria Cruz

Senior Producer / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Storyboarding / Javier Francisco Pretelt

Character Design / Steven Wayne Ellison 

Character Design / Steven Wayne Ellison

Director of Photography / Artak Ozan 

Production Assistant / Dantek / Daniel Alvarado 

Costume Design / Paulin Alexandra

The Lovepools are a Los Angeles indie rock band created by Anthony Shea.

They asked us to create the vision for their newest hit song, White Lies and Palm Trees. After listening to it, the first idea that came to our ape minds was a 90’s VIDEO GAME!

Apeship lead the way for the entire production from concept to delivery, including the live-action section.

Now, White Lies and Palm Trees has stacked up 61K views on YouTube organically and has been featured on MTV Italy!


The Lovepools (musicians)


Animation and
Visual Effect Studio